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Who is the Average Honey?

29 Oct

Many of us read blog after blog after blog without knowing the expertise or personal background of the authors. I decided to open my book just a little bit more! Feel free to ask more questions!

What is the best job you ever had?

Server! During summer breaks as a college student I worked at this small mom-and-pop seafood restaurant built from the ground up by my boss and his wife. Their son, my manager, was an excellent leader who really knew how to brand the restaurant and make it a great experience for the employees and the patrons. Those were awesome summers full of great food, cheap beer, and lots of laughs!

What is your aim for this year?

That’s easy! Become a better blogger! I realize my blog seems a bit scattered in topic so I really want to zero in on a few major ideas and develop my thoughts on those while also developing and engaging with my audience.

What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?

When a group of my friends decided to rent a beach house in North Carolina for a week, I was devastated to find out the week they reserved was the week AFTER my spring break from college. Spontaneity got the best of me and I skipped a week of classes and work to hang out by the beach in an enormous house with awesome people. I didn’t miss much.

Who in your family are you most like?

I am my father’s daughter. Just like him, I am a people-person, I love telling stories and am very money conscious. We also share our loud laugh and inner control freak. He is my best friend, my biggest fan and an all-around great person.

How did you rebel as a child?

My rebellious attitude toward my mother began at an early age when I used to slam my door in order to make a statement. As a teenager, I used to sneak out just to hang out with my friends who were allowed to stay out later than I was. We never did anything mischievous, it was enough of an adrenaline rush just to have made it out without getting caught! Those days are over and my mom and I are closer than ever.

Which was the last restaurant you went to?

Pizza Hut! Pepperoni pan pizza is the usual!

What’s something that can always make you feel better?

This is an easy one. Cozy pajamas, Bridget Jones’s Diary, and hot vegetable soup!


5 Things I Want to Learn How to Cook (Well)

27 Oct


Noodles, cheese, sauce, and meat. How hard could it be? Extremely. Lasagna is no easy dinner to master. In the past it has been difficult to produce quality lasagna that isn’t too cheesy or noodles that aren’t over- or undercooked. Not to mention, I’m not a huge melted cheese fan so making it enjoyable for Vince, who loves cheese, and tolerable for me will be a challenge. Any suggestions? Any good recipes out there?


Cheesecake is just heavenly and it goes as a great dessert with almost any meal. While this dessert is one I’ve never tried before, I really want to be able to bake a killer cheesecake that I can bring as a dish to parties. It’s great with raspberries, strawberries, chocolate, everything! Do you have any tips for my first attempt?


Mild, spicy, hot, vegetarian…the list of varieties goes on. I’m a huge fan of spicy food but I’d love to be able to make a chili that satisfies my taste for fire but also isn’t too much for my milder friends and family. In tasting other chili recipes, I prefer those that have more of a gumbo feel to them – that is, more than just beans and beef.


Its that time of year for some good home cooking! That kind of food that puts you in a food coma immediately. Back in high school, I made homemade stuffing in an Introduction to Foods class. It was perfect! But growing up I always had boxed stuffing for dinner. However, after trying real homemade stuffing, the boxed stuffing has never stood a chance against it.

Asian Stir Fry 

Meals like stir fry are always fun because they give the chef an opportunity to get creative. So what’s the problem, you ask? I have yet to learn what types of ingredients go well together, especially with an asian stir fry. I like spicy asian things, not so much the sweet stuff. Do you know of a good asian stir fry recipe?

Take me Back to the 90’s

13 Sep

Hi there! Today’s post is dedicated to some good old 90’s music! Don’t you just love it? …and miss it?

Seriously, don’t you miss it? The mainstream music of today just does not compare. Don’t get me wrong; there are some great songs out there from the past decade (The White Stripes, Seven Nation Army, Beyonce, Crazy in Love, Train, Drops of Jupiter, and more) but there hasn’t been that ONE band that I can call my favorite since the 90’s (Matchbox Twenty!) The music of the 1990’s was exciting, fresh, it was real and talented! My fellow 90’s babies will agree that the music industry in recent years isn’t the same. Here’s why:

One-hit wonders

The 90’s were full of one-hit wonders…and it was AWESOME. These stars may be washed up, broke, or even on some poorly written reality tv show now but they have left us with the lyrics and melody to infamous songs we’ll never forget! Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Bittersweet Symphony, Closing Time, the list goes on! One-hit wonders provide that ONE song that everyone drunkenly shouts at a wedding or that song in your car you just can’t skip. They are the anthems of our childhood that never get old. Here’s a full list of great one-hit wonders of the 90’s. But today’s stars who couldn’t hold a note to save their lives are pre-molded, branded, packaged for fame. If a music career doesn’t work out, they could always release a perfume, right?


Okay, okay “I’m too sexy for my cat” probably isn’t the most brilliant lyric ever written. Understandable. My point is that in the 90’s lyrics mattered. Songs were ABOUT something. They told a story, a moral, a point. Many mainstream songs today aren’t about anything at all, really. Prime example: Duck Sauce – Barbara Streisand…Who thought this was a good idea? Call me old school but I’m just not running to the itunes site to pay nearly $2 for a song with less than 20 words. Third Eye Blind’s “How’s It Gonna Be?” details the pain involved in a breakup and The Goo Goo Dolls’ “Black Balloon” tells the haunting story of a woman suffering from heroin addiction. Meanwhile, today we have Robin Thicke singing “Blurred Lines” a “story” (hardly!) about…the boundaries, or lack thereof, when it comes to sex. Yes I am overlooking great lyrics of today like Adele’s “Someone Like You” and Bruno Mars “It Will Rain” but these are so hard to come by.


Short and sweet point, here. 90’s music for the most part was actually composed by real instruments played by real band members (that’s right, kids, they didn’t make music with garageband). Most music of the 90’s wasn’t produced with a button. It was played. So it was with heart, with passion. EDM and rave music isn’t about the music or the talent, it just provides a good time…at a club or a gym. I will say that I have a lot of respect for DJ’s who produce EDM but the music just doesn’t have the same fan response. As soon as your beat gets old and a new, hotter beat comes out, your fans will move on.

Along with many, many more reasons. I’m no music major and certainly don’t consider myself an expert on 90’s music. Maybe I am living in the past.

Design, Design, Design and Compromise

8 Aug

With the upcoming move, or so I hope, I spend a lot of free time thinking about how I would like to decorate our apartment together! Typical 22-year-old girl, right? I thought I’d share some of my inspiration with you and get your feedback! Themes aren’t really my forte so I stick with color schemes. You see, I’ve only ever decorated a bedroom and that was as a teenager so you can imagine the neon-infested, pattern-clashing designs my mother had to endure. Obviously this is all a little premature but I just can’t help myself!


Yellow/Gray/Black/Blue – Love the cozy and simple look with a pop of color. Also, it isn’t too girly for a couple’s bedroom. (You’re welcome, Vince) The rugby stripes are bold and easy to match while. The blue adds a hint of youth and freshness.  

Flip Flops & Pearls Design



The story with the bathroom design is ridiculous. Vince decided to buy this weird blue bathroom rug. It isn’t navy, it isn’t royal, it isn’t turquoise or aqua. So yes, it is a weird blue. He is desperate to keep this rug, even though his only connection to it is the $14 he spent on it. But in an effort to compromise, I’ll see what I can do. What are your thoughts on these? The chevron print is another bold print I like while the gray and white creates endless possibilities for color schemes…and that wretched rug.



Kitchen/Living Room/Laundry Room/Balcony to come!

Please be honest in your feedback! What are your thoughts on colors? Prices? Compromise? I’d love to hear from you all ♥



29 Apr

Cup of Joe, Brew, Liquid Energy…COFFEE

Drinking coffee every day has become a way of life for millions of people. Many of us wake up in the morning wishing we could already smell fresh brew floating up from the kitchen. I know I sure do. The brilliant marketing slogan by Dunkin Donuts said it best:

I mean seriously, who thought of this? Give that person an expensive glass of champagne (and a gold medal) because wow…it is perfection.

But what do we really know about this drug, caffeine, that we are putting into our bodies once, twice, or even three times a day? Prior to taking a science course called Drugs, Plants and Hallucinogens, I simply knew that it kept me awake and that was all that mattered. But the class taught me so much about this drug:


Caffeine can help to reduce headache pain because it constricts the blood vessels leading to the brain

Cool, huh? Here’s more information about coffee, caffeine, and the history of both: http://bit.ly/4mmcIu


15 Apr

True women’s logic right there. Women are an interesting sex, don’t you think? We think we know what we want, but we have no idea. And therefore, it is someone else’s fault.

I’m not backing up my own sex, here. I am fully aware that this is ridiculous and I’m not going to apologize for being honest. At least I can defend myself for being honest.

The “rules” and “etiquette” that exist (in many young girls’ minds) between a man and a woman who may be interested in one another is a dark abyss of wrong moves and awkward silences. So instead of communicating, many girls get upset and assume the worst. “He doesn’t like me!” or “He never says the right thing” are great examples of responses.

I found this meme on knowyourmeme. This site lists the origin of this strand of memes called Women’s Logic and says “Women Logic (also known as “Female Logic”) is a term primarily used by men to describe a range of behaviors and thought processes that would be seen as distinctly feminine.” …which is basically just saying “women are freaking crazy, let’s make fun of them.” I guess I don’t hate it. I can laugh at myself.

In Taylor Swift’s song “22” she sings “We’re happy free confused and lonely at the same time
It’s miserable and magical oh yeah.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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