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Things to Consider Before Moving In Together

7 Aug

Do you remember?

A few months back I wrote to you all asking for relationship advice. Should I move, should I not move? Remember? 

I have decided to move to the beautiful state of West Virginia!



My boyfriend has a commitment in West Virginia for another two years which could turn into more. My temporary full-time job in N.J. is coming to an end. SO, I have begun looking for full-time employment out in the boondocks. After months of deliberating the life-changing decision, I said to myself…

“If I was ever going to uproot my entire life and do something crazy, now would be the time.”

The decision to move in together was no walk in the park. Vince (that’s my man) and I had dozens of talks about the ins and outs, the pros and cons to cohabiting.

Things we considered before moving in together:

•Bills – Thousands of couples end their relationships because of money. We don’t want to let money control our happiness. We had those difficult talks now in order to avoid confusion, anger, resentment, frustration later!

•Spare time – We are aware that our current relationship involves appointments so we set aside time to do things. Living together will be a whole new ball game. The things we used to do alone like watch ESPN or fool around on Pinterest are now public to the other. We understand the need for space and also the need to compromise to share that time.

•Intimacy – Spending four to five days apart the way we do now means that when we’re finally together, things are hot and fiesty. We’re excited, fired up, and ready to go. Living together, however, means familiarity every single night. We may lose that excitement you get from something you can’t have.

•TMI – Living together means seeing things you never wanted to even think about your partner doing. Yes ladies, you too! We admitted to the gross things we do in the privacy of our own homes. Talking about seemingly embarrassing habits made them sort of a joke and will deter future disgust.

For more information on what to do before making the move, think about these 7 things!

These talks were all good and well but the move isn’t final, yet. In order to make the move, I need to secure employment and this has been the toughest thing to do. As a recent college grad with only 3 months of full-time experience, companies aren’t exactly begging to hire me. But with a great resume (thanks college!) and a well-written cover letter, I’ve put my information out there to numerous companies. Keep your fingers crossed for me! More to come on this as the job search continues.

What are your thoughts on cohabiting Is there anything I’m not already considering? Do you have a job opening in West Virginia? 😉 I’d love to hear from you ♥




20 Feb

My most recent project was an absolute blast. Sure it took some time to perfect but what project doesn’t? The assignment was to make a podcast or commercial for this wonderful blog of mine using GarageBand. As a new Mac owner, I’ve already played around with Garage Band before but never really explored it or tried to produce anything. This was my chance.

Working in GarageBand was actually really easy. Although I didn’t know what most of the editing options meant like Chorus or Noise Gate, I was able to click around and just listen.

I chose two songs that I felt totally represent myself and this blog and many 22-year-old chicks. The first was Stupid Girl by Garbage.

My mom used to play this song when I was young and I always loved it. Not to mention, it is a great song and has a nice long intro…perfect for a podcast!

The other song I used was Just a Girl by No Doubt.

This album was my third ever album to own following Robyn (a one-hit wonder of the 90’s) and the Backstreet Boys. As I’ve grown up, I’ve learned what this song is actually about. It’s perfect.

The most difficulty I had with using GarageBand was figuring out what the editing options did. It was hard just not knowing and having to keep clicking and listening, clicking and listening, clicking and listening. Slowly, I’ve learned, to an extent, what some of them do. Another difficulty I had was controlling the track volume with those little balls that appear as you make a change. It is so hard to click back on that ball again!

But after it all, I’m really excited about my end result. I think I’ll tweak it some more and repost eventually. The ability to work in GarageBand or any other audio editing software is a must in today’s society. Text and images simply don’t cut it. Employers will be thrilled to know that a job candidate feels comfortable behind a mic and also editing sounds. With a lot of companies advertising on Pandora and other online radio sites, this type of skill would be priceless.

If you didn’t notice it in the links above, check out my podcast here.

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