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12 Incredible Life Lessons From 90’S Technology

23 Jun

Before everything was automatic and the click of a button or the tap of a screen became the answer to every single question, the world was a different place. Technology has deeply penetrated our society to the point of no return and it’s safe to say there’s no going back. However, modern technology has nothing on its wiser predecessors which require skill to operate. The glorious technology of the 90’s and early 2000’s offered many life lessons that can be carried on into the current technological era – life lessons that some younger generations will never, ever understand. But we will never forget.

90S Tech Title

I am confident to speak on behalf of everyone in saying that the 90’s were the best decade – No Doubt, Michael Jordan and Lisa Frank? Let’s be serious. The use of technology during that time was no less awesome. Here are the lessons we’ve learned from enduring 90’s technology and how to apply them to modern day life:

1. The hot air technique – that is, blowing as hard as you possibly can into the cartridge to remove dust, dirt and whatever other aliens might be lurking in there When things aren’t going as planned, the answer isn’t always available at the click of a button. Don’t give up. Persistence and a little thinking outside of the box can go a long way.

2. Downloading songs and immediately enjoying them wasn’t an option. We had to await the deadly suspense that was ripping the plastic off a cd case Patience is a virtue. The ability to wait for something without getting angry or upset is a valuable quality in a person. This also takes some serious self-control. If you lost control, the plastic began coming off in tiny pieces and only made the process more arduous and time-consuming, therefore causing even more frustration and less patience. The ability to maintain self-control while participating in a suspenseful activity is a commendable trait.

3. Memorizing your friends’ phone numbers, addresses, etc. Before Google and digital storage of contacts at our fingertips, there was memory. Working to memorize numbers and other information offers constant training for the brain and it is incredibly important to keep those juices flowing for the brain to function as best possible.

4. What life was like when AIM was the best way to keep in touch with friends outside of school It isn’t necessary to maintain constant connection with everyone in your network at all times. There is beauty – and privacy, for that matter – in not knowing what others are doing 24/7 and not feeling obligated to share what your plans are. If you happen to connect, then great. If not, you will at a later point. Enjoy this moment, instead, and cherish it. Initiating an “unplugged rule” is actually pretty liberating…try it.

5. Speaking of AIM, the amount of time we spent creating away messages Crafting the perfect email, text message or automatic OOO reply takes skill. Writing a clear and concise message that doesn’t lack thoughtfulness and originality isn’t easy and the task shouldn’t be overlooked. Take pride in your writing, whether it is a novel, a text, or simply 140 characters.

6. Hoping and praying that the video store still had remaining copies of the new movie to rent – otherwise, the night was ruined. Guess we’ll just get Flubber…again Don’t procrastinate – think ahead! Always plan for the worst and hope for the best. “You snooze, you lose,” was no joke. That shit is serious. Trust me.

7. The “HELL YEAH!” feeling when you turned on the TV Guide channel and it cycled to channel 2 so you wouldn’t have to sit through it Sometimes, you just get lucky.

8. Printing doubles or triples of a disposable camera film so your friends could have copies Always be considerate and mindful of others. Whether you’re doing a favor for a friend or coworker, or simply helping someone out with his or her bags at the grocery store, thinking of others and giving back offers a sense of self fulfillment and meaning, as well as appreciation and respect from others. Even the smallest of friendly, helpful gestures can go a long way. Plus, you never know when one day you might need a favor! You’d want your friends to be there for you, just as you were for them.

9. Frustration when the 3-way call on the landline gets dropped The ability to improvise is essential. Sometimes, technology can be difficult. It doesn’t always work the way you want it to and occasionally, technological mishaps just can’t be explained or fixed. You have to work through them and perhaps find a way to get a similar result, without following your original plan. How do you think people gave presentations before PowerPoint and Prezi were invented? Hello… poster board and an easel.

10. Creating mix CDs With limited storage space on blank CDs, designing the perfect mix cd taught us decision making skills. The ability to choose the item that is the perfect fit for you, despite many other options, is one that not many people are blessed with. Critical thinking, making judgment calls and trusting your gut are skills required in all facets of life. Not to mention, if you’re the person who can’t decide between a chocolate and a strawberry milkshake, you’re THAT friend.

11. Waiting for your parents to get off the phone so you could get online on the family computer in the living room. Depending on others in order to complete a task isn’t always fun but it is the key to successful teamwork. Learn to wait on others before moving forward on a project without developing feelings of frustration or impatience. Your teammates have requirements and needs, too. Respect those and wait your turn.

12. The giant booklet of CDs shoved in plastic flaps Structure and organization came from sorting those CDs alphabetically or by release date, whatever floated your boat. Without the automatic sort of an iPod or a contacts icon on your phone, it takes some serious organization to get information, so much information, under control. Organization makes life ten times easier without wasting time searching for one piece of information or one item.

Every decade has its lessons. The 70’s taught us about political conspiracies and feminism. The 80’s hosted the War on Drugs and great hair. The 90’s didn’t come up short and with the rapid development of technology during this decade, Gen Y has had the privilege of experiencing the best of both worlds, unlike many other generations. It is important – and fun, quite frankly – to look back on those days and understand how advances in technology have affected our behavior and views on everyday life. As seen on HonestyforBreakfast.com .


Take me Back to the 90’s

13 Sep

Hi there! Today’s post is dedicated to some good old 90’s music! Don’t you just love it? …and miss it?

Seriously, don’t you miss it? The mainstream music of today just does not compare. Don’t get me wrong; there are some great songs out there from the past decade (The White Stripes, Seven Nation Army, Beyonce, Crazy in Love, Train, Drops of Jupiter, and more) but there hasn’t been that ONE band that I can call my favorite since the 90’s (Matchbox Twenty!) The music of the 1990’s was exciting, fresh, it was real and talented! My fellow 90’s babies will agree that the music industry in recent years isn’t the same. Here’s why:

One-hit wonders

The 90’s were full of one-hit wonders…and it was AWESOME. These stars may be washed up, broke, or even on some poorly written reality tv show now but they have left us with the lyrics and melody to infamous songs we’ll never forget! Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Bittersweet Symphony, Closing Time, the list goes on! One-hit wonders provide that ONE song that everyone drunkenly shouts at a wedding or that song in your car you just can’t skip. They are the anthems of our childhood that never get old. Here’s a full list of great one-hit wonders of the 90’s. But today’s stars who couldn’t hold a note to save their lives are pre-molded, branded, packaged for fame. If a music career doesn’t work out, they could always release a perfume, right?


Okay, okay “I’m too sexy for my cat” probably isn’t the most brilliant lyric ever written. Understandable. My point is that in the 90’s lyrics mattered. Songs were ABOUT something. They told a story, a moral, a point. Many mainstream songs today aren’t about anything at all, really. Prime example: Duck Sauce – Barbara Streisand…Who thought this was a good idea? Call me old school but I’m just not running to the itunes site to pay nearly $2 for a song with less than 20 words. Third Eye Blind’s “How’s It Gonna Be?” details the pain involved in a breakup and The Goo Goo Dolls’ “Black Balloon” tells the haunting story of a woman suffering from heroin addiction. Meanwhile, today we have Robin Thicke singing “Blurred Lines” a “story” (hardly!) about…the boundaries, or lack thereof, when it comes to sex. Yes I am overlooking great lyrics of today like Adele’s “Someone Like You” and Bruno Mars “It Will Rain” but these are so hard to come by.


Short and sweet point, here. 90’s music for the most part was actually composed by real instruments played by real band members (that’s right, kids, they didn’t make music with garageband). Most music of the 90’s wasn’t produced with a button. It was played. So it was with heart, with passion. EDM and rave music isn’t about the music or the talent, it just provides a good time…at a club or a gym. I will say that I have a lot of respect for DJ’s who produce EDM but the music just doesn’t have the same fan response. As soon as your beat gets old and a new, hotter beat comes out, your fans will move on.

Along with many, many more reasons. I’m no music major and certainly don’t consider myself an expert on 90’s music. Maybe I am living in the past.

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