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The Holidays Are Upon Us! Here’s a Unique and Affordable Gift or Decor Idea

2 Nov

Christmas Santa Coordinates Printable

 If you’re interested in ordering a personalized coordinates printable, I’ll happily customize a printable suited to your needs. This is great for Christmas and holiday decor, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and more!

Here’s how it works:

First, fill out the form below to let me know a little bit more about what you’re looking for.

Once I’ve receive your request, I’ll reach out toyou via email (weekdays only) for more information, if needed, and obtain confirmation to move forward.

I’ll then ask you to click the “Buy Now” button below. This allows me to move forward with designing.

We’ll then work together via email to customize your printable.

Once you’re happy, I’ll send you your customized printable!

Keep in mind:

*There is a maximum of 3 edits within the initial charge, so please be specific

*The file will come in PDF and/or JPEG format and costs $5.49

*I can only work as quickly as you get back to me with details, edits, etc. We can work together on a deadline for the final copy. 

 So let’s do this!

Buy Now Button


Camille was nothing short of wonderful to work with. Quick responses, excellent products, easy to get a hold of, and so sweet and understanding! Highly recommend her and her products!-Sarah

Here are some samples from other Average Honey followers:

Coordinates PrintableCoordinates Printable

Coordinates Printable



Updates and Favorites

15 Oct

Hi everyone! My apologies for the month long hiatus. My recent promotion has proved incredibly fulfilling and exhausting. My mind power has been drained by the end of each day that I haven’t had much writing juice! On top of that, we’ve had weddings to attend, family visits, and more.


While I work out how to juggle a busier day job, plan for family visits/holidays, and try write for a few other sources, here are a few of my favorite posts:

In honor of Boss’s Day tomorrow: A Toast to the Best Boss I’ve Ever Had

For college students who graduated in May and are likely to begin paying student loans within the next month or two: The Countdown to Student Loan Repayment

As of next week, I’ll have lived in WV for one yearThings to Consider Before Moving In Together

Since you’re probably considering DIY Christmas gifts: Sometimes DIY Just Isn’t Worth It


Lastly, check out my other site where I will likely pick up blogging. I think I will begin focusing my writing to some of the other sources for which I contribute. Those posts will be shared here.

The Bread Goes In The Basket, Not The Drawer

10 Sep

Living with your significant other brings so many exciting bonuses. You can save tons of money on rent and utilities. There are thousands of effortless opportunities for bonding and relationship building. AND you can make someone else check behind the shower curtain for monsters. What’s not to love?

When Vince and I were considering moving in together, after a year of dating long distance, we couldn’t wait to conjoin the many simple intricacies of our separate lives: eating dinner, grocery shopping, watching tv. Of course, as every couple should do before making such an important decision, we discussed our expectations about money and bills, home decor, and schedules. The planning was wonderful and the “honeymoon stage” couldn’t have been better.


Once reality set in about three months later, things began to change. Little things, little behavioral actions and personality traits – which we could never have thought about in advance – revealed themselves and slowly our relationship was growing, developing in a way we never expected.

Luckily for me, things did NOT go sour. We often joke about our silly preferences and the things that make us both who we are as individuals. The small differences and the many similarities in who we are as two separate people compound to build our cohesive unit, our strong bond. We do reflect regularly on how our differing opinions and preferences in certain aspects of life complement each other and on how we might be able to make compromises. Ultimately, I love our life together and I think we are exactly where we should be at this point in our relationship.

That doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t have disagreements about the weirdest of things. In the beginning, I always worried that we fought too much about stupid stuff and thought maybe we weren’t meant to be dating. I mean, who fights about whether the bread should go in a drawer or in a basket? Oh yes, we fought about that.

Thankfully, we aren’t alone. Many blogs have covered this topic and you’d be surprised at the hilarious responses when couples are asked: what’s the silliest fight you and your partner have had? One of my favorites is Single Dad Laughing‘s 23 of the SILLIEST Fights Ever.

One of the best interpretations is Buzzfeed’s new “Weird Things All Couples Fight About” video. It captures this entire relationship transformation perfectly. It is a MUST-SEE! Check it out below.


The good news is if you and your significant other are plagued by ridiculous arguments, you’re not alone. It is perfectly normal to have preferences that don’t exactly match up. The key is to talk through them and find a balance that works.

Now I have to ask: what is the silliest thing you and your partner have fought about?


Who is the Average Honey? Part 2

14 Aug

Many of us read blog after blog after blog without knowing the expertise or personal background of the authors. I decided to open my book just a little bit more! Check out Part 1 here. Feel free to ask more questions here!

What’s a subject you wish you knew more about?

Politics. They are a beast of a subject – one that I often struggle to follow. Congressmen, senators, mayors, governors, the list goes on. Who does what? And why? Not only do I wish I could understand the political system in the U.S. more thoroughly, I wish I was better at office and relationship politics. It seems like everything always has some secret agenda. I feel as though my lack in political skills may set me back. But as I grow in my career, I know I will learn to develop these skills.

What’s the biggest personal change you’ve ever made?

Moving away from the East coast to live and work in West Virginia. Besides college, I’ve never lived more than two hours from my family and it has been incredibly difficult living 6 hours away from everyone. With birthdays, holidays and lifetime milestones, I’ve done a ton of traveling to try my best to keep my family ties strong and close-knit.

However, the move has made me a much stronger person. I have learned how to budget, how to communicate with folks in the healthcare industry (dealing with health insurance is NO FUN), how to argue better, how to negotiate prices (we bought furniture), how to make smarter decisions and how to cook a few things.

If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what?

Pasta! As an Italian, I am perfectly happy eating pasta of all kinds. I’ll take it al dente or well done. Chef Boyardee or gourmet…doesn’t matter. Rigatoni, penne, linguine, ziti…YUM!

What makes you feel old?

The fact that I prefer to sleep or watch TV on a Friday night instead of go bar-hopping makes me feel so old. Two years ago I never would have missed a Friday night listening to loud music and having a blast with my girlfriends. Now, the thought of staying awake past midnight makes me feel exhausted. Although I get out on the town now and then, I do enjoy a cozy night in my home.

If six-year-old you was here right now, what would you say to her?

Don’t let your older cousin take all the good barbies and leave you with the beat up ones. Stand up for yourself! You deserve the pink RC Convertible car, not the blue one that’s missing a door.

Sometimes DIY Just Isn’t Worth It – IKEA Hack

18 Jun

In a world where originality is so highly desired but so difficult to come across, DIY projects are taking over. They’ve become the new norm. Thank you, Pinterest. Everyone seems to be racing to make the coolest, most innovative DIY item around and can’t wait to see how many likes and repins they get on Pinterest. These projects can be enjoyable and make things easier or cheaper. But DIY projects can also be rigorous, expensive and time-consuming. After choosing the DIY path for a recent project, I’ve learned to always consider whether DIY is worth it.


A few months ago when Vince and I moved into our new apartment, we took a shopping trip to IKEA for some affordable upgrades. A bookshelf, some bathroom storage and a cutting board. Boom! Nice and easy. Unlike many, we survived the inevitable arguments and disagreements that occur between couples while in IKEA. What is it about that place?

We found a pretty cool looking and perfect-sized bookshelf – Gorm by Ikea – for just $30 but the wood was fresh out of the chopper – it wasn’t sanded, stained or finished in any way. It didn’t come in a box – just slabs of wood tied together with zip ties. We figured, “No big deal, we’ll just finish it ourselves!”

“It’ll be fun!” we thought.

Wrong. Oh so wrong.

We thought we were saving money by purchasing a $30 shelf that we’d finish on our own. Some of the other bookshelves at IKEA were $100 so the one we chose seemed like a total steal. Right?

After the purchase of all the necessities to make the shelf user-friendly, we began second guessing our decision. Here’s what we needed:

  • 2 sanding blocks: $2.28 each
  • 1-quart Rustoleum Stain (the second-cheapest option): $8.48
  • 4 staining brushes (again, the cheapest ones they had): $0.99 x2 for small brushes, $1.48 x2 for large brushes
  • 1-quart Rustoleum Polyurethane: $12.06
  • 2 paint stirrers: $0.49 each


A total of $31.02 in supplies, before tax. Now, this seemingly inexpensive furniture project wasn’t looking like such a steal for this young couple.  The bookshelf was now $61.02 – before the start of what ended up being a time-consuming, inconvenient and labor-intensive project.

Our apartment does not offer a ton of room for activities. The lack of work space meant the entire project had to be done on our 4.5×12-ish balcony that isn’t exactly fit for 10 slabs of wood, a bunch of supplies and two tall people.



First it was the sanding. Sanding, sanding, sanding for days. It took two evenings to sand all the pieces by hand. Next, it was time for the stain. We chose a darker stain, American Walnut, which meant that any mistakes or missed spots beamed like the North Star. Mistakes weren’t really an option. The staining and drying took three days. There was a lot of waiting and flipping the wood and waiting some more. Some rainy days over the course of the project eliminated the opportunity to work some more on the shelf. Inclement weather meant hauling all the supplies into our already cramped apartment and allowing the foul odors of the chemicals to fill our living space.

Wood Shelves

After letting the stain cure for more than 24 hours, it was time for the polyurethane. Since the polyurethane is clear, we didn’t have to be quite so gentle. However, it had to be equally coated, or else there would be shiny spots or dull spots. Like the stain, the polyurethane needed numerous coats and hours of drying time in between. After some more bad weather pushed the project back, we were able to finish the polyurethane and let that sit for 24 hours before use.

Often, we found ourselves dreaming of the day when it would be put together and out of mind. The day seemed like it would never come.



Finally, all the steps to the project were complete and it was time to put this damn thing together. Ten pieces of wood, 30 screws and some other pieces was all it took to turn misery into bliss…and the extra storage we badly needed in the kitchen. Although the total cost of the bookshelf – materials included – may have been only $60-$70, the amount of labor, stress and back-aches that came along with it wasn’t worth the work.

Admittedly, I absolutely LOVE the outcome. Though sometimes, DIY just isn’t worth it. That extra $30 would have meant a fast, odor-free assembly and having the storage we desperately needed.

Kitchen Storage

So, when debating whether DIY is the right route for you, its important to consider all things.

1. Most importantly, do you have the space?

2. Do you have the time?

3. Do you WANT to do the project?

4. Will you cherish the product?

5. Is it cheaper than simply buying the product?

6. Will you still be sane afterward?

7. Will it be FUN for you?

The last thing you want to do is begin to resent your project. This could result in a poorly finished product and an incredibly long blog post complaining about how difficult DIY can be 😉

In my case, it was a bonding and learning experience for the both of us. But I vow to never, ever sand, stain and finish a piece of furniture again until I have time and a work space!

Do you have a DIY horror story? When have you opted for or against DIY? Let’s talk about how un-crafty we are in the comments! 😉

Spring Cleaning: A How-To Guide for Getting Rid of JUNK

24 Mar

Although this year it could hardly pass for spring, believe it or not, it is SPRING! After this miserable winter, I couldn’t be happier to welcome spring. But with spring comes the infamous spring cleaning tradition – the time of year when everyone collectively decides to clean random things. I never really understood that but I can’t complain. The germaphobe and neat freak in me secretly loves it. That’s why I chose to write about it!

I recently became a contributing writer over at Honesty For Breakfast, a site that offers all kinds of articles written by contributors all over the country on topics such as entertainment, dating and sex, career and more! My recent contributions have been a series spring cleaning guides on getting rid of all that excess junk you’ve accumulated over the years. After graduating college in May, I realized just how much useless things I had in my possession. Since then I’ve become a pro at some real, cut-throat cleaning. Check out the guides:


Cut-Throat Spring Cleaning: The Closet


Cut-Throat Spring Cleaning: The Makeup Bag


Cut-Throat Spring Cleaning: Bathroom Storage

As always, let me know your thoughts! How do you spring clean?


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