Updates and Favorites

15 Oct

Hi everyone! My apologies for the month long hiatus. My recent promotion has proved incredibly fulfilling and exhausting. My mind power has been drained by the end of each day that I haven’t had much writing juice! On top of that, we’ve had weddings to attend, family visits, and more.


While I work out how to juggle a busier day job, plan for family visits/holidays, and try write for a few other sources, here are a few of my favorite posts:

In honor of Boss’s Day tomorrow: A Toast to the Best Boss I’ve Ever Had

For college students who graduated in May and are likely to begin paying student loans within the next month or two: The Countdown to Student Loan Repayment

As of next week, I’ll have lived in WV for one yearThings to Consider Before Moving In Together

Since you’re probably considering DIY Christmas gifts: Sometimes DIY Just Isn’t Worth It


Lastly, check out my other site where I will likely pick up blogging. I think I will begin focusing my writing to some of the other sources for which I contribute. Those posts will be shared here.

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