The Bread Goes In The Basket, Not The Drawer

10 Sep

Living with your significant other brings so many exciting bonuses. You can save tons of money on rent and utilities. There are thousands of effortless opportunities for bonding and relationship building. AND you can make someone else check behind the shower curtain for monsters. What’s not to love?

When Vince and I were considering moving in together, after a year of dating long distance, we couldn’t wait to conjoin the many simple intricacies of our separate lives: eating dinner, grocery shopping, watching tv. Of course, as every couple should do before making such an important decision, we discussed our expectations about money and bills, home decor, and schedules. The planning was wonderful and the “honeymoon stage” couldn’t have been better.


Once reality set in about three months later, things began to change. Little things, little behavioral actions and personality traits – which we could never have thought about in advance – revealed themselves and slowly our relationship was growing, developing in a way we never expected.

Luckily for me, things did NOT go sour. We often joke about our silly preferences and the things that make us both who we are as individuals. The small differences and the many similarities in who we are as two separate people compound to build our cohesive unit, our strong bond. We do reflect regularly on how our differing opinions and preferences in certain aspects of life complement each other and on how we might be able to make compromises. Ultimately, I love our life together and I think we are exactly where we should be at this point in our relationship.

That doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t have disagreements about the weirdest of things. In the beginning, I always worried that we fought too much about stupid stuff and thought maybe we weren’t meant to be dating. I mean, who fights about whether the bread should go in a drawer or in a basket? Oh yes, we fought about that.

Thankfully, we aren’t alone. Many blogs have covered this topic and you’d be surprised at the hilarious responses when couples are asked: what’s the silliest fight you and your partner have had? One of my favorites is Single Dad Laughing‘s 23 of the SILLIEST Fights Ever.

One of the best interpretations is Buzzfeed’s new “Weird Things All Couples Fight About” video. It captures this entire relationship transformation perfectly. It is a MUST-SEE! Check it out below.


The good news is if you and your significant other are plagued by ridiculous arguments, you’re not alone. It is perfectly normal to have preferences that don’t exactly match up. The key is to talk through them and find a balance that works.

Now I have to ask: what is the silliest thing you and your partner have fought about?



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