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Fun Games Guaranteed to Make Your Tailgate EPIC

25 Aug

Saying goodbye to summer isn’t always easy. Who would willingly bid adieu to flip flops, sun tans, soft serve ice cream and long-lasting sunsets? The end of summer is a tough time.

Luckily for us, with fall comes all sorts of new and exciting traditions to look forward to: pumpkin spice coffee, new boots, back to school shopping, and my personal favorite: FOOTBALL!

You all know how big of a sports fan I am (or do you?) and the beginning of football season is a phenomenal time of year, closely following the beginning of baseball season. As football season approaches, men and women all over begin to line-up their fantasy football teams and completely avoid scheduling any events on Sunday afternoons in order to leave time for football.

A great way to get over your end-of-summer-depression is to give yourself something to look forward to: get tickets to a football game! They can sometimes be pricey, and StubHub is an excellent source for scoring affordable tickets. Here’s a tip: if you wait until the day of the game to purchase, they could be super cheap. Often, season ticket holders who cannot attend will drop prices significantly in order to make a sale and become desperate to sell by the time gameday arrives.

With college football beginning Wednesday, August 27th. with a No. 21 Texas A&M matchup versus No. 9 South Carolina and the 2014 NFL season beginning Thursday, September 4th where the Green Bay Packers will battle the Seattle Seahawks, football is right around the corner. Quick, snag your tix to an upcoming game!

Once you’ve secured your tickets, it’s time to start planning the tailgating party! The tailgate is arguably the best part of attending a football game – with plenty of good food, beer, games and friends, you just can’t beat the awesome experience.
As a big sports fan and lover of tailgating parties, here are a few classic games you can pack to up the ante at your next tailgate:


Materials: 2 cans, one frisbee

Number of players: 4, 2 per team

Kan-Jam is a fun and easy game for all ages. Set two “cans” approximately 50 feet apart and assign one player from each team to a can. Players will toss the frisbee or disk in an attempt to get the frisbee into the can. Your teammate can deflect the frisbee into or onto the can for points. Shoot the frisbee into the front slip of the can and you win! Otherwise, the team that reaches 21 points wins! But be careful, if the score exceeds 21 on a particular shot, your score will get reduced. See the rules, set up and demo for more info. Kan Jam can be purchased at Walmart for $39.99.


Materials: 2 cornhole board platforms, 8 bean bags-4 of each color
Number of players: 4, 2 per team
Cornhole is similar to the bean bag toss where players trade off tossing cornhole bags at a raised platform with a hole in the far end. Like Kan Jam, you’ll assign one player from each team to a cornhole board. The American Cornhole Organization suggests placing the boards 27 feet apart, though many tailgaters will place the boards appropriately, base on space and competition level. Players take turns tossing their bean bags toward the opposite board in an attempt to drop the bag into the hole, earning their team 3 points. However, a bag landing on the board will earn 1 point. Typically, scores will cancel out – if Team A drops a bag into the hole, earning 3 points and Team B lands 2 bags onto the board, earning 2 points, Team A is only awarded 1 point. Because of the complex rules involved, Cornhole is best for those 13 and up. See the rules, set up and diagrams for more info. Cornhole can be purchased at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $79.99.

Ladder Ball

Materials: 2 ladders, 2-3 sets of bolas (described below)
Number of players: 2 or more players, 2 teams
This is also called Ladder Golf. Ladder Ball is fun, portable and the rules are easy to follow. This game is played using vinyl cords weighted with lightweight plastic balls or bolas. Each ladder has 3 steps, each with its own point value. Like Kan Jam and Cornhole, players take turns tossing all three bolas onto the ladder rungs. Points are assigned based on bolas on the rungs and will be canceled out depending on the opposite team’s score. Teams play to 21 points. See the rules, set up and game etiquette for more info. Ladder Ball can be purchased at Walmart for $24.99-$40.00. 

Dizzy Bat

Materials: Wiffle-ball bat with handle end top removed (for beverage to be poured into)
Number of players: 2, one batter, one pitcher

The Dizzy Bat is a popular drinking game but can be substituted in many ways. This game (as I will explain the drinking version) should only be played by those 21 years of age or older. Make sure to gather a crowd as embarrassment and laughter will soon ensue. The batter will pour the beverage slowly into the handle end. When ready, the batter will drink the contents poured into the bat while the pitcher counts the number of seconds it takes to finish. The batter will proceed to place his/her head on the bat and spin for that many seconds around the bat. Afterward, the pitcher will pitch a ball (often a beer can) that the batter will attempt to hit. 


Materials: 1 football, 20 bowling pins
Number of players: 2 or more players, 2 teams
This new game combines two American favorites: bowling and football. The object of the game is to knock down all of your opponent’s pins before s/he knocks down yours. Set pins 48+ feet apart, with pins set just as they are for bowling. Team A’s player #1 will throw first, followed by Team B’s player #1. Then, player’s #2 will throw respectively. There are much more details for this new game available here

Honorable Mention:

  • As long as players are of age, you can’t go wrong with beer pong. Although, to get the kids involved, a fun alternative might be kool-aid or capri-suns.
  • Bocce Ball is another classic. It’s competitive but not too rowdy. 
  • An oldie but goodie: horseshoes. 

With all these fun opportunities, missing summer doesn’t seem so bad after all! 

Which tailgating games do you enjoy most? Have any dizzy bat stories you’d like to share?


Who is the Average Honey? Part 2

14 Aug

Many of us read blog after blog after blog without knowing the expertise or personal background of the authors. I decided to open my book just a little bit more! Check out Part 1 here. Feel free to ask more questions here!

What’s a subject you wish you knew more about?

Politics. They are a beast of a subject – one that I often struggle to follow. Congressmen, senators, mayors, governors, the list goes on. Who does what? And why? Not only do I wish I could understand the political system in the U.S. more thoroughly, I wish I was better at office and relationship politics. It seems like everything always has some secret agenda. I feel as though my lack in political skills may set me back. But as I grow in my career, I know I will learn to develop these skills.

What’s the biggest personal change you’ve ever made?

Moving away from the East coast to live and work in West Virginia. Besides college, I’ve never lived more than two hours from my family and it has been incredibly difficult living 6 hours away from everyone. With birthdays, holidays and lifetime milestones, I’ve done a ton of traveling to try my best to keep my family ties strong and close-knit.

However, the move has made me a much stronger person. I have learned how to budget, how to communicate with folks in the healthcare industry (dealing with health insurance is NO FUN), how to argue better, how to negotiate prices (we bought furniture), how to make smarter decisions and how to cook a few things.

If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what?

Pasta! As an Italian, I am perfectly happy eating pasta of all kinds. I’ll take it al dente or well done. Chef Boyardee or gourmet…doesn’t matter. Rigatoni, penne, linguine, ziti…YUM!

What makes you feel old?

The fact that I prefer to sleep or watch TV on a Friday night instead of go bar-hopping makes me feel so old. Two years ago I never would have missed a Friday night listening to loud music and having a blast with my girlfriends. Now, the thought of staying awake past midnight makes me feel exhausted. Although I get out on the town now and then, I do enjoy a cozy night in my home.

If six-year-old you was here right now, what would you say to her?

Don’t let your older cousin take all the good barbies and leave you with the beat up ones. Stand up for yourself! You deserve the pink RC Convertible car, not the blue one that’s missing a door.

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