Find Your Niche, Find Your Dream – Ending Employment Unhappiness

16 Jul

Imagine a life where you’re living to work. A life where Monday mornings aren’t accompanied with pissed off Facebook statuses and double doses of sugar in your coffee. A life where your personal interests and your learned skill sets collide into something awesome. A bit hard to imagine, right? That’s because we don’t view employment this way. We don’t all expect a job that is soulfully fulfilling because the messages we are sent during high school, college and those horrid entry level years don’t align with what many consider, this imaginary life.

The good news? It doesn’t have to be that way. Despite the messages from Career Services offices nationwide and employment agencies all over, who give resume workshops, urge networking skills and encourage job boards, finding happiness in employment is no easy task. What’s it take? Finding your niche. Finding that one thing that makes you feel invincible and figuring out how to monetize that skill, that interest, that dream.

Sometimes endless messages can make it difficult to realize what you want. It takes time and experience to hone in on what really drives you. Sometimes, it’s as simple is talking it out with someone. The Niche Movement, a movement to help young professionals avoid employment unhappiness, aims to do just that. Kevin O’Connell, founder, dreams of a day when traditional career myths are debunked.

Kevin has spent the last eight years working in college student affairs, personally mentoring more than 200 students on leadership, personal branding, digital identity, communication and more. His experience in higher education has proved to him that academia and student affairs practices are not taking risks. They’re not telling students what they need to hear about life after college.

So with his passion behind The Niche Movement, Kevin’s writing a new book! I’m a sucker for inspirational books. The Niche Movement: New Rules for Finding a Career You Love will change the way we view employment by offering true, inspirational stories along with research and life lessons from real professionals who believe that career services needs to be disrupted. Think inspiration meets career advice meets the silver lining in being a twenty-something.

The book, whose kickstarter campaign launched Tuesday, will amplify this idea that finding your niche will lead to employment happiness and help college students and recent grads harness the experiences they’ve had, the experiences they’re living, the experiences they’re going to have and continue to ask themselves: why am I doing this? How can I get back to what motivates me?

This is huge, huge news for millennials. We are constantly bombarded with messages on how Gen Y folks expect too much. Is it too much to expect a fulfilling job that gives purpose? Is it too much to expect a happy, successful life? Is it too much to expect to not change jobs seventeen times before finding something worth staying? I think not.

Let’s face it, dreading your job, the place where you spend more than half your life, is an issue. It’s a big issue. What’s worse? Dreading your first job fresh out of college ready to take on the world. Society should want this for young professionals.

Take some time to check out The Niche Movement: New Rules for Finding a Career You Love and The Niche Movement. Let’s get this great idea the traction and attention it deserves. It’s a powerful idea, don’t you think? Let me know in the comments below!


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