Fun, Inspirational, Quirky and FREE Desktop Wallpapers

26 Feb

In my recent BuzzFeed Community post, 15 Totally Useful Ways to Waste Time at Work, I offered the idea to change your desktop wallpaper. A new and interesting wallpaper could change your attitude while you’re busy on your computer getting things done. Something funny could brighten up your morning while an inspirational background could be the kick in the butt you need to start a new project. Basically, if you have the classic Microsoft background or the cloudy sky wallpaper, you’re doing it wrong.

I scoured the internet for unconventional wallpapers. You’d be surprised what’s out there! And for free! Here’s a list of my favorites:




^my current background^







pinterest user


What did you think? Where do you get your desktop wallpapers from? Do you design your own wallpapers? Send some to me! I change mine weekly 🙂


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