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11 Mar

I need your advice.

Let me start off by saying that I feel like such a 22-year-old chick right now talking about this subject. I used to laugh at girls who had this question but now that I’m in the situation, I’m really struggling with it.

Here’s the sitch:

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year now and I’m not exactly sure why or how but we’ve become extremely serious with each other in that short amount of time. Maybe it is because we were long distance for five months. Maybe it is because he’s mature for his age. I have no idea. But this is real.

I’ve been in three other fairly-serious relationships and never before have I felt the way I do about this guy. We talk about everything with each other and rarely fight.

So… what’s the problem? He goes to school in West Virginia. As you know, I’m in New Jersey. He’ll be back in school for another two years starting in August. I’m graduating college in May.

We’ve thrown around the idea of me finding a job out there and living with him for his last two years at school. Along with that, he’s living with one of his guy friends so I’d be with the two of them for at least a year.

Pros                                                           Cons

I’d be with him                                       Uprooting my whole life

Live on my own                                      Sharing a small bedroom

Could save money living cheap             Will probably have to commute to work

Get to know his friends                        Cold as hell in WV

Obviously there are tons of pros and cons, but I want to know YOUR thoughts!




3 Mar

Using Jing, a screencasting technology, I attempted to make a screencast in order to explain why I liked or followed another blog. I chose The Niche Movement because the blog was made by a Rutgers staff member who I think is extremely talented and brilliant when it comes to things like this. I won’t explain the blog because I really think students should take a look at it on their own. My screencast can be found here.

My experience with the screencast was really interesting. I realized a lot about my actual behavior when I’m looking at a website. For example, I roll the mouse around A LOT. It never just sits in one place until I’m ready to click on something. I’m absent-mindedly rolling the mouse around the screen for no apparent reason.

I also had that weird response that everyone has to hearing the sound of their own voice. It sounds awkward and uncomfortable but that’s probably because I felt a little uncomfortable talking to my computer.

Using the Jing software wasn’t an issue. My only trouble was sizing the screen for the shot. The first two times I did it, the video was just the top of my screen. I later realized I had to resize the screen. I figured it would do it automatically. Other than that, everything was self-explanatory which was great for a FREE program.

My screencast itself isn’t great because it was difficult to explain such a great site in a short period of time. I could have talked about the header, alone, for two minutes. But as far as using the technology, it was easy to use and will definitely be something I do in the future for my internship. Many sites are hard to navigate and using screencasts to provide visual walk-throughs on how to do things is an excellent product to have.

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