26 Feb

Let’s bring it back to elementary and middle school for a little bit. You know, when we were all supposed to have learned (and grasped) grammar rules. Obviously, that didn’t happen for many of us. I may only be 22 but I care about basic grammar rules. I’ve always had a knack for english, grammar, and spelling. Sure I make my fair share of mistakes but as a college student trying to sell myself to potential employers, I am very careful to take the few extra seconds to be sure that an email, a Facebook post, a tweet, or even a text is grammatically correct.

It reflects poorly on someone who doesn’t take  those extra seconds or who doesn’t care enough to publish or share a product that is accurate. You may be thinking, “who cares?” The answer is, many people care, trust me. Your friends will notice. Your teachers will notice. Your parents will notice.

Using proper grammar in written text is such a small sacrifice to make for huge results. People view you as someone who is articulate, someone who is intelligent, someone who cares about his/her presentations. Someone who cannot put together a sentence properly seems ignorant and careless while the meaning of the sentence can be skewed or even misunderstood.

Then you’re just another scumbag Steve.

I’m no expert. I certainly still have learning to do in this area but I care about the way I present my material and I feel that I’ve gained respect from my parents, friends, and coworkers.

A more detailed article on Yahoo! Voices explains this whole idea here. The author rants a little more than I do here but there are some great points in the article.

Some of the simpler yet more common grammatical errors that bug me the most:

  • there, they’re, their
  • to, too, two
  • your, you’re
  • a while, awhile
  • could/would/should have

For more common grammatical errors that make you look silly, check out this fun graphic.


One Response to “grammarmatters”

  1. mcstepz March 15, 2013 at 9:27 pm #

    I like your post on grammar, it’s amazing how often some mistakes are made such as their, there & they’re. The Wrong use changes the meaning of what you’re trying to convey.

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