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26 Feb

Let’s bring it back to elementary and middle school for a little bit. You know, when we were all supposed to have learned (and grasped) grammar rules. Obviously, that didn’t happen for many of us. I may only be 22 but I care about basic grammar rules. I’ve always had a knack for english, grammar, and spelling. Sure I make my fair share of mistakes but as a college student trying to sell myself to potential employers, I am very careful to take the few extra seconds to be sure that an email, a Facebook post, a tweet, or even a text is grammatically correct.

It reflects poorly on someone who doesn’t take  those extra seconds or who doesn’t care enough to publish or share a product that is accurate. You may be thinking, “who cares?” The answer is, many people care, trust me. Your friends will notice. Your teachers will notice. Your parents will notice.

Using proper grammar in written text is such a small sacrifice to make for huge results. People view you as someone who is articulate, someone who is intelligent, someone who cares about his/her presentations. Someone who cannot put together a sentence properly seems ignorant and careless while the meaning of the sentence can be skewed or even misunderstood.

Then you’re just another scumbag Steve.

I’m no expert. I certainly still have learning to do in this area but I care about the way I present my material and I feel that I’ve gained respect from my parents, friends, and coworkers.

A more detailed article on Yahoo! Voices explains this whole idea here. The author rants a little more than I do here but there are some great points in the article.

Some of the simpler yet more common grammatical errors that bug me the most:

  • there, they’re, their
  • to, too, two
  • your, you’re
  • a while, awhile
  • could/would/should have

For more common grammatical errors that make you look silly, check out this fun graphic.



20 Feb

My most recent project was an absolute blast. Sure it took some time to perfect but what project doesn’t? The assignment was to make a podcast or commercial for this wonderful blog of mine using GarageBand. As a new Mac owner, I’ve already played around with Garage Band before but never really explored it or tried to produce anything. This was my chance.

Working in GarageBand was actually really easy. Although I didn’t know what most of the editing options meant like Chorus or Noise Gate, I was able to click around and just listen.

I chose two songs that I felt totally represent myself and this blog and many 22-year-old chicks. The first was Stupid Girl by Garbage.

My mom used to play this song when I was young and I always loved it. Not to mention, it is a great song and has a nice long intro…perfect for a podcast!

The other song I used was Just a Girl by No Doubt.

This album was my third ever album to own following Robyn (a one-hit wonder of the 90’s) and the Backstreet Boys. As I’ve grown up, I’ve learned what this song is actually about. It’s perfect.

The most difficulty I had with using GarageBand was figuring out what the editing options did. It was hard just not knowing and having to keep clicking and listening, clicking and listening, clicking and listening. Slowly, I’ve learned, to an extent, what some of them do. Another difficulty I had was controlling the track volume with those little balls that appear as you make a change. It is so hard to click back on that ball again!

But after it all, I’m really excited about my end result. I think I’ll tweak it some more and repost eventually. The ability to work in GarageBand or any other audio editing software is a must in today’s society. Text and images simply don’t cut it. Employers will be thrilled to know that a job candidate feels comfortable behind a mic and also editing sounds. With a lot of companies advertising on Pandora and other online radio sites, this type of skill would be priceless.

If you didn’t notice it in the links above, check out my podcast here.


14 Feb

At this point, we are all aware that my new header sucks. Needless to say, my experience designing this header was not the best. I sort of posted this one just because it looked the best out of the five or six different designs I worked with.

Using I wanted to create a header that was interesting, bright, and descriptive of my blog without using a photo of myself or revealing too much about my blog’s topic. The intention was to get people to experience a sense of curiosity. However, my current header:


Probably says: leave this page.

I was able to get the hang of overlapping the two images after watching some tutorial videos. At first I assumed it was a simple as dragging one photo on top of the other. Clearly, I was wrong. The lasso tool became the devil. It was so difficult outlining the lady figure using my finger on a laptop keypad.

The only thing that came naturally was the idea of what to post as a header. I thought a picture of a honeycomb might be bright, interesting, and detailed while a silhouette of a woman on the run would describe my 22-year-old existence.

Eventually, I will change the header. Or maybe I’ll remove it. But for now, there it is. however is a great tool. I can use this for a bunch of different things. Obviously I need some training so it’ll be used purely for recreational/personal purposes for a while.


12 Feb

8:57 a.m. alarm goes off. Since my day conveniently begins at 10 every morning, I make an attempt to wake up at 8:30 and actually put myself together.

We all know that never happens, right? I mean let’s be serious. Who ACTUALLY cares whether I look put together. You got it… no one. My supervisors at work only need us to “dress comfortably” whatever that means. I suppose pajamas would be comfortable but obviously that can’t happen. Regardless, my usual outfit this time of year consists of jeans, a sweater/hoodie, and some sperry’s.

Since I’m super involved on campus, I always have somewhere to go, a meeting to attend, a call to make, or an email to respond to. My life is always on the go. I’m always thinking ahead. But it’s that kind of pressure and adrenaline that I absolutely love. It feeds me and keeps me going. Well that and caffeine.

Luckily, this semester I’m only taking 3 classes, all of which only meet once a week. And since I’m far along in my college career, I had the luxury of taking classes I WANTED to take, not requirements. The other 6 credits are my internship which is paid, pretty well I might add.

Spare time? What is spare time? Kidding. I do have some spare time and unlike most 22-year-old females, I watch a lot of GSN or Game Show Network. Family Feud and The Newlywed Game are my shows. Don’t judge. But I also go to bars, shop (obviously at Forever 21 even though that isn’t true), and cook in my free time.

…Since I’m basically an old, saggy fart, I’m usually asleep on weekdays by 12:30 a.m.


This is much more difficult than I thought it would be. How does one explain who they are in just one blog post?

I suppose it will come over time. Feel free to ask questions of all kinds! I’m pretty much an open book.


4 Feb

Setting up this blog has proved a laborious task but one that I perceive as a challenge. I’ve never blogged before but made a sorry attempt to blog last May during finals. I decided that blogging instead of studying wasn’t procrastinating, it was productive…until

I never did it again

So here I am with a fresh new blog, Average Honey.

I’ve dedicated hours to trying to figure out this wordpress stuff. I found myself mumbling, and often yelling,

Are you f*#king kidding me?

Needless to say, it has been tough. But I absolutely love what’s come of it so far and I can’t wait to see what developments will be made in the weeks to come.

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